Age: 17
School: Gary Comer College Prep
Strengths: Math, Chemistry, and Spanish
Pastimes: Hanging Out, Sleeping, On the Phone, Shopping, Netflix, and Playing basketball
Interests: Helping people, Shoes, and Making people laugh
Favorite Food: Scallops & Steak
Likes: Movies, Sleeping, Softball, Basketball, Running, Children
Dislikes: Loud people, being around a lot of people, non stop talking, and touching
Goals for cityLab: To give hope to the people in the community, so they can take action in creating a unique community fit for them. encourage people to stop depending on the government and become independent.




Age:  17
School: Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep
Strengths: Writing, Being Creative, Being a leader
Pastimes: Playing basketball, Listening to Music, Buying Shoes, Going to Lake
Interests: Shoes, Sports, Art
Favorite Food: Pork & Beans and Hot Dogs
Likes: The Color Red, OKC Thunder, When People Doubt Me, Nature, Funny Movies
Dislikes: People who are annoying, Terrible Music, People Who Assume
Goals for cityLab: To become familiar with something completely new and expand my resume, to become more responsible, to better the community I live in, and to become more prepared for the real world.





Age:  17
School: Curie Metropolitan High School
Strengths: Quick learner, Math, Reading
Pastimes: Reading, Internet, Watching Netflix.
Interests: Science, Math, Archery, Gymnastics
Favorite Food: Pizza
Likes: Movies, Hanging out, Funny People, Eating, Watching Netflix
Dislikes: Onions, Rude People, Quiet Work Area
Goals for cityLab: Become more experienced in the working environment.





Age:  18
School: Curie High School Class of 2015
Strengths: Basketball , Architecture
Pastimes: Sports, Drawing, Movies
Interests:Architecture, wants to stay  in school, play basketball, have fun, and achieve goals.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Likes: Hanging out, Video Games, and paint balling.
Dislikes: Owls, Mosquitoes, Big Spiders, Pepper
Goals for cityLab: Learn new things about teamwork, help the community, expand his experience, learn about the working environment.







Age: 22
School: Illinois Institute Of Technology
Strengths: Dedication, Communication, Outgoing
Pastimes: Basketball, Watching T.V, Hangout, Talking
Interests: Architecture, Sports
Favorite Food: Free Food and Hot Sauce
Likes: Happy environments, Singing
Dislikes: Not having fun
Goals for cityLab: To educate myself and others, and to gain as much as I can while I have the time to do so.




Age: 24
School: Landon Bone Baker
Strengths: Socializing, Planning Events, Problem Solving
Pastimes: Swimming, Listening to music
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics
Favorite Food: Hot Sandwiches with Pickles
Likes: Butterflies, Rainy days, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones
Dislikes: Unoriginality & Disorganization
Goals for cityLab: 1.Help the interns learn and grow as students and youth leaders in their communities. 2. Learn to prepare more delicious salad recipes from the Smartlucks. 3. Help the team analyse our observations and make helpful suggestion towards the public/private green space being designed.


Program Coordinator



Age: 23
School: Graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology
Strengths: Being organized, event planning, graphic design
Pastimes: Photography, blogging, woodblock printing
Interests: Community engagement, architecture’s ability to combine a variety of disciplines
Favorite Food: Pasta
Likes: Discovering new places to visit in Chicago, spontaneous road trips
Dislikes: Bugs, disorganization
Goals for cityLab: Motivate the cityLab team to collaborate with each other to produce a beneficial product for South Chicago and help the team realize how impactful their work is for the community.