Age: 18
School: Lincoln Park High School
Strengths: Reading, Writing, Cooking
Pastimes: Hanging Out, Sleeping, On the Phone, Shopping
Interests: Cooking, Helping Others, Resolving Conflicts
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Likes: Movies, Walking, Cooking, Softball, Talking
Dislikes: Bugs, Liars, Annoying Noises
Goals for cityLab: To encourage people to stop depending on the government and become independent. Also to help the members of the community better themselves.





Age:  17
School: Chicago Bulls College Prep
Strengths: Sports, Math, and Team Building
Pastimes: Play Sports
Interests: Science & Math
Favorite Food: Bacon
Likes: Sports & hanging out.
Dislikes: Cheaters & Disloyalty.
Goals for cityLab: I want to learn new things about my community, and I want to see how I can give back or make it better living for me and the people I know.




Age:  17
School: University of Chicago in Illinois
Strengths: Speaking & easy going.
Pastimes: Hanging out, Downtown, Watching Movies.
Interests: Writing, Art, Recycling, and helping others.
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Likes: Movies, walking, and painting.
Dislikes: Olives & when people don’t recycle.
Goals for cityLab: To learn about other communities and to expend her learning.





Age:  19
School: Lane Tech College Prep.
Strengths: Computer skills & Listening
Pastimes: Ultimate Frisbee and Paintball Shooting
Interests: Architecture and Engineering
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Likes: Hanging out, Video Games, and paint balling.
Dislikes: Vegetables
Goals for cityLab: To help improve the lives of the residents of West Haven through architecture and any other means necessary.





Age: 18
School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Strengths: Photography, problem solving, teamwork, observant.
Pastimes: Bowling, Walking, Hanging out with friends, Researching art and art theft.
Interests: Art, Travelling, Language, Crime prevention, Food.
Favorite Food: Bari Italian subs
Likes: Sandwiches, Details, Patterns, knifes, mountains, the beach.
Dislikes: Frozen (the movie,) people who hate pigeons, and groups of friends who take up the entire sidewalk and walk really slowly.
Goals for cityLab: To help out as much as I can; with whatever I can, and to become more experienced in the working environment.






Age: 20
School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Strengths: Public speaking, Problem solving, Analysis
Pastimes: Biking, Running, Swimming, Basketball
Interests: Cross country, Architecture, History
Favorite Food: Enchiladas
Likes: British T.V shows (Top gear) , Cooking
Dislikes: Rude People, Complainers
Goals for cityLab: Come up with a final product that will help the neighborhood and LBBA.




Age: 21
School: Illinois Institute Of Technology
Strengths: Dedication, Communication, Outgoing
Pastimes: Basketball, Watching T.V, Hangout, Talking
Interests: Architecture, Sports
Favorite Food: Free Food and Hot Sauce
Likes: Happy environments, Singing
Dislikes: Not having fun
Goals for cityLab: To educate myself and others, and to gain as much as I can while I have the time to do so.




Age: 23
School: Landon Bone Baker
Strengths: Socializing, Planning Events, Problem Solving
Pastimes: Swimming, Listening to music
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics
Favorite Food: Hot Sandwiches with Pickles
Likes: Butterflies, Rainy days, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones
Dislikes: Unoriginality & Disorganization
Goals for cityLab: 1.Help the interns learn and grow as students and youth leaders in their communities. 2. Learn to prepare more delicious salad recipes from the Smartlucks. 3. Help the team analyse our observations and make helpful suggestion towards the public/private green space being design.