Age: 17
School: Aspira High School
Strengths: Speaking, Outgoing
Pastimes: Texting, Shopping, Watching cooking shows
Interests: Shopping, Spending time with friends
Favorite Food: Elotes!!!
Likes: Food, Lip gloss, Nail polish
Dislikes: Liars, Fake people, Insects
Goals for cityLab: Interpreting everyone’s thoughts into one.




Age: 17
School: Lincoln Park High School
Strengths: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Problem solving
Pastimes: Basketball Team, Dance Team
Interests: Law, Forensic science, Fashion
Favorite Food: Nachos, Tacos, Fruit, Reese’s
Likes: Shopping, Reading Books, Meeting new people, Taking walks, Clothes, Jewelry
Dislikes: Close-minded people, Ignorant people, Dishonest people,  Repeating myself
Goals for cityLab: To learn and experience what architecture is about.




Age: 18
School: UNO- Garcia Charter School
Strengths: Following directions, Listening, Hands on work
Pastimes: Playing sports and Watching TV
Interests: Architecture, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Boxing
Favorite Food: Italian food, Mexican food, American food, Wings
Likes: Sports, TV
Dislikes: Reality TV shows (Jersey Shore), People who complain about everything, Heat (The weather and The team)
Goals for cityLab: Gain experience in architecture in order to have background knowledge when I go to college.




Age: 17
School: Benito Juarez High School
Strengths: Solving math problems, Public speaking, Following directions
Pastimes: Music class (Piano), Swimming, Doodling, Sleeping, Baking
Interests: Astronomy, Interior design, Interesting facts, Sociology
Favorite Food: Cookies, Tai food, Sushi
Likes: Cannoli, Autumn, Animals, Sitting at the dinner table with family, Cats and Cute things
Dislikes: Family Guy, Ignorant/Serious people , Writing
Goals for cityLab: To gain experience worth bragging about. Note: I don’t consider myself a bragger but it’s okay to brag in this occasion.




Age: 16
School: Ace Technical High School
Strengths: Technology, Math, Science
Pastimes: Watching T.V., YouTube
Interests: Robots, Watching YouTube
Favorite Food: Anything other than lentils
Likes: Thinking, Daydreaming, Random facts
Dislikes: Lentils, People whining
Goals for cityLab: Finding the best solution for the problem and creating the best outdoor area for the residents.





Age: 22
School: Harold Washington College
Strengths: Socializing, Planning Events, Problem Solving
Pastimes: Swimming, Listening to music
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics
Favorite Food: Hot Sandwiches with Pickles
Likes: Butterflies, Rainy days, True Blood, and Breaking Bad
Dislikes: Unoriginality, & Disorganization
Goals for cityLab: 1.Help the interns learn and grow as students and youth leaders in their communities. 2. Learn to prepare more delicious salad recipes from the Smartlucks. 3. Help the team analyse our observations and make helpful suggestion towards the public/private green space being design.




Age: 20
School: Illinois Institute Of Technology
Strengths: Dedication, Communication, Outgoing
Pastimes: Basketball, Watching T.V, Hangout, Talking
Interests: Architecture, Sports
Favorite Food: Free Food and Hot Sauce
Likes: Happy environments, Singing
Dislikes: Not having fun
Goals for cityLab: To education myself and others, and to gain as much as I can while I have the time to do so.




Age: 19
School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Strengths: Public speaking, Problem solving, Analysis
Pastimes: Biking, Running, Swimming, Basketball
Interests: Cross country, Architecture, History
Favorite Food: Enchiladas
Likes: British T.V shows (Top gear) , Cooking
Dislikes: Rude People, Complainers
Goals for cityLab: Come up with a final product that will help the neighborhood and LBBA.


Program Coordinator



Age: 25
School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Strengths: Listening, Identifying opportunities for collaboration, Height
Pastimes: Running, Cooking, Outdoor concerts
Interests: Public art, Urban design
Favorite Food: Pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries
Likes: Chicago, Lake Michigan, Meeting new people
Dislikes: Olives, Litterbugs
Goals for cityLab: Empower our cityLab team with the knowledge and skills to positively change the places where they live.