So these 6 weeks taught me a lot of things, but one thing I will never forget is how much I hate having an office job. I never want to do that as a career. One thing that brought me through these six weeks is the fact that we would leave out a lot. But if we didn’t have the luxury of being in South Chicago a lot of the time, I would’ve lost my mind. I have no clue how my mom does this.

Its not all bad though. It got me a lot more comfortable with public speaking. It was never something that I was scared of, but when I would get in front of everyone, I would just forget. But I feel like I’m good at being clutch, or thinking on my toes. This job made me more relaxed when presenting in front of people. I am grateful that I got this job. I thought this would be a terrible gig for me but I ended up learning stuff here that I’ll never forget.
Aside from presenting, this job made me more responsible. The fact that there was no one forcing me to go to work every morning and I still came everyday is a big deal for me. It makes me think that I am more prepared to take on more responsibilities. It also made me better at listening. People let me know when I’m not doing something right all the time, but when they tell me stuff they talk to me like I’m a kid. Here, I feel like they knew I was the intern but they still made sure they treated me just like I was an adult. I also made some new friends I’d never thought I’d meet. Every intern I worked with this summer taught me something new. Johnny’s the first dude I’ve ever met over 6’5.3W-103 He’s also one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I feel like we’re going to cross paths again because of basketball and how I’m always at South Suburban (he’s going there next year for college.)

3W-101 Ivori goes to school with my cousin & she lives in the area where I go to school at, we were bound to meet at some point. And she’s into shoes like me. When she told me about how she wanted the Chicago 1’s but couldn’t get em, we related instantly because I went through that same thing.4TH-122 Aylen’s real cool and she taught me a lot I didn’t know about Mexican culture. I go to school with them and I’m friends with a lot of Mexicans, but she taught me way more than all of them have taught me ever. (By the way that’s her in the background doing jumping jacks.) I needed this job to make me a better person.