It is amazing how fast time can fly. I honestly can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already. I feel that these last 3 weeks went by so fast; all this work that was getting done really kept us busy. The first day I was actually thinking I was going to go on coffee runs and filing out papers and I was actually not mad about that. Being completely honest, I was kind of hoping it would be like that because it would be really easy work and easy money. But after spending these 6 weeks working on this project, I am actually very happy that I wasn’t going on coffee runs. I have learned so much by being here. I know for a fact that I am much better at presenting than when I started. I always get very nervous and flustered but having the time to practice and thinking that this is for a real job made me get more confident and courage to try and do better. Public speaking was never one of my favorite things and in school, even reading for the class was too much for me. I think what also helped a lot was the friendly atmosphere that was in the office. Anytime that we presented everyone seemed to listen to us. I think that that really boosted my confidence when speaking to a crowd. I think this project helped me talk to people in general, I know that at the beginning I wasn’t too eager to talk to random people in the street and go up to someone and just start talking to them. I know that I’ve gotten better though and I think that it is such a vital aspect to have for school and just your personal life.


Another thing that I feel I learned about is awareness. Here I was thinking that South Chicago was having trouble communicating with the community and showing awareness about the events happening but I started to think and I can see now that I actually don’t even know about my own community. I never noticed how many times you come out of your community for everyday things and how much it actually affects the community. I always thought that leaving your neighborhood was completely fine and normal but I now see that it’s always better to give to your own community and help it flourish.

In the end, even though I did get frustrated at times I think it was all worth it because you don’t notice how much work you’ve done until you present it all. I had much more fun than I expected and I think this will definitely give me an inside view of the projects that I probably will encounter if I go into the architecture field. I am not entirely sure if I want to go into architecture but I like that I got some experience to be able to make a choice in the future. I feel really proud of what the whole team has been able to come up with and I thinking that we all aced the final presentation.