1M-1042T-128Today is the last day of Citylab and I can honestly say that this has been one of the hardest tasks that I have faced. When I first started, I never expected to build so many relationships, learn skills for college, find out so much information about Chicago, and even learn how many different ways I can do design proposals. Throughout these six weeks, we have reached so many low points, but we always prevailed thanks to Brenda, Fariha, and Michael.

My utmost favorite part of Citylab was the Smartlucks because those were the days we learned the most whether it was from the different foods or from the office showering us with critiques. On my first day, there was a Smartluck. I remember feeling bad for Johnnathan, Aylen, and Mauryce because of how much feedback they got, but they listened and immediately got to work. I felt like they were the perfect partners because they were all so dedicated in making South Chicago a better community.

From this experience, I have learned that architecture is not a field I will consider. I’m not really interested in sitting at a desk all day completing elevations and coming up with unique designs. I am not the best artist, so me and architecture aren’t in the same bucket. CityLab made me realize that I would like to have a career that is more hands-on and exotic. CityLab also taught me that working alone is not always a great idea; someone else always has information that can change somebody else’s perspective. I am going to miss CityLab so much.