2T-1073W-123What is cityLab? cityLab is a summer workshop that incorporates neighborhood history data collection and personal stories from the South Chicago community. However to me Citylab was home for me this summer.  At citylab these 6 weeks I have met so many people, have been acquainted with so many old friends, and have been able to experience something I’ve been dreaming about doing my whole life which is working at an architecture firm.

What I have gained from working at citylab is good work habits and skills that will help me be productive in college and my future career. I have also gained an understanding of how communities work and what they need to thrive. Things like amenities which are everyday things that we use and need. For example schools hospitals and grocery stores. I learned a new method called the S.W.O.T method which is I will continue using by taking a subject and breaking it down by its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Lastly I learned about Data collection interpretation and how to use data to back up my ideas and designs.

Working on the south Chicago site has been a pleasure and I have had the opportunity to learn about the community and what it has to offer. There is so much culture and history In South Chicago.  There is also great future within the community. They offer things that are unique to south Chicago such as the Steelworkors Park and Skyart and future development that will be taking such as lakeside development. Working with south Chicago taught me that a communication and investment can go a long way in community advancement . The things that I have learned from researching south Chicago can hopefully help in the advancement of my community.