3W-1233W-115Today, we presented again for Angela and other organizations and we did so much better. I felt like they really appreciated us because they repeatedly expressed their gratitude; I was amazed because I didn’t really realize how much work we did. But I didn’t forget how hard the research and proposal designs were.

The most difficult part was creating designs that wouldn’t take a long time to create since South Chicago are so used to unfulfilled future developments. I had so many different approaches, but they all left me thinking how this makes a community of choice. I thought of turning vacant lots into small hang out spots because I realized that South Chicago had more than enough vacant lots that needed to be utilized. And after finding out how people in South Chicago communicate, Fariha and I decided that combining the two would perfect because vacant lots and communication/ awareness are both weaknesses of South Chicago. I don’t know much about architecture, so Fariha created a visual design while I found pictures and came up with ideas on how the lots will eventually look.