Today we presented our final presentation. All the things that we learned in the last 5 weeks have been summed up into one big power point. we covered the past of south Chicago, what’s happening currently, and the future of the community. In these last weeks we have found many opportunities in the area. The one that i liked the most was steelworkers park. With a little activation it has the chance to be the millennium park of south Chicago.

Steelworkers park  is 16.5 acres of nothing but green space. While researching the park the big question was how do we activate it. Well since Lakeside Development, a future development project, will be working on the site in the next 25-45 years We decided to activate it with temporary structures and park programs. The ideas we came up with were to add an amphitheater and an ultimate frisbee field.

The programs that can host their events in the amphitheater are shakespeare in the park,which currently does use the park for their events. Some new ideas for events concerning the amphitheater could be movie nights in the park, and local concerts. As for the ultimate frisbee field it could host local frisbee leagues that could bring a fresh new game to south Chicago which could be enjoyed by the people of the community and could attract visitors to south chicago. Along with those addition we figured that seating and shade would be nice to add in the park so we added hills and structures to provide shade. Hopefully the community could take some of these ideas and make them come to life in the future.