Today was the final presentation for the office and I can honestly say that I feel proud for how it went. Tomorrow is the presentation for Claretians Associates as well as the community members, I really hope they like our ideas and really support us. I think that everything we have done leading up to the final presentation has been completely useful. I can’t believe how fast 6 weeks can go, I started out with no idea on what this project was and now that it is finished I think that it is work to be proud of.


I do think that there were some things that we could’ve thought of more and made more connections but I like what we have. Everything that we presented was thought through very carefully and I personally like what we came up with. I think that even though we already presented the project, there is still a lot to do. We still have to work on the publication we are going to make for the The Chamber of Commerce as well as Claretians and whoever else wants it. Our proposals are something that I think are something very interesting that should actually get acknowledged and maybe even considered. Not all the proposals will be something that can be easily done but I think it can actually help the community quite a lot taking in consideration things that could get done now rather than in 30 years. The community has so much to offer it just needs a little push.