Today was a very important day because we had our final SmartLuck. With all of the research, we were able to use that information to make South Chicago one of the best communities in Chicago with affordable living. When we presented today, I think we did a great job of breaking down the S.W.O.T and applying it to South Chicago and making it the community of choice. I mainly worked on proving how vacancies the lack of communication and awareness of events are weaknesses. We found out that there are more than 540 city owned vacancies in South Chicago alone. We conducted interviews and discovered that a lot of people feel unsafe around vacancies. We also found out that South Chicago actually has many apps like ChiParks and Neighborland for them to find out about events and share their ideas about the community, yet the people in South Chicago don’t use them. So we did an onsite investigation to find out how people communicate, and we found out that they communicate by simply talking to each other. After finding the weaknesses, we attempted to turn them into opportunities by coming up with design proposals.

With the amount of vacancies and the lack of communication, I proposed that some of the vacant lots become small hang out spots for the people to communicate. When people in South Chicago talk to each other, they don’t have a designated place, so transforming this could, hopefully, create relationships within the community. I plan for each lot to have an information board for people to post flyers about upcoming events, for the intended goal is to leave with more information than people came in with. And I also intend for each lot to have different themes like art, steel, music, and seasonal because those things seem to be very important to South Chicago.