Its amazing how the world works, how something can go from nothing to something big in a short amount of time.3W-111

On my first day, I came in here not knowing what to expect. I thought that we were only going to research South Chicago. While that’s still a big part of what we did (about 85%), once we got that out the way the job was actually kind of fun. Architecture was something that was very new to me, I’ve never been around it before. The reason I took the job was because I want to put my hand in as many fields as possible and expand my resume.

Me and my dad were joking the day before my first day of work about what I would be doing up here. He said that I was going to be a Gofor (pronounced gopher; the person that completes degrading tasks for people with more authority over him). That night I dreamt of me doing stuff like making coffee, running to the store to get their lunch, etc. I figured that for $10 per hour, that would be decent. But when I met Aylen, Johnny, Michael, and Brenda at Claretians, I was just happy that I had two other people there that were my age. Then, I thought that the other interns would be nerdy architects and that I wouldn’t fit in at all. But I think the reason why I actually learned new things about this field is because of the fact that the other interns are normal teenagers like me, they’re just into architecture & I’m not. They teach me stuff about architecture through relating it to stuff that I do know about. I also can relate to them about other stuff in life & since they stay in other parts of Chicago, they teach me new stuff that comes normal to them like their lingo. I’ve never heard the word “totes” until this internship. This job is almost an experience for me.

This job definitely taught me things: stuff about my neighborhood, how to get around downtown (not fun by the way), a lot of new food through the SmartLucks, what a blog is and getting comfortable with writing them, more about different parts of Chicago, some more stuff about the Mexican culture, and most importantly, better ways to make and present presentations.