Today was very jam-packed!

So tomorrow we have to present the final presentation of the whole six-week program, that’s kind of a big deal. We have to stuff 6 weeks into half an hour. We came in today and Michael already had a list of things for us to do. All day we were writing our parts of the script for the final presentation. We had a long list of topics about South Chicago that we’ve been researching this whole program.2T-103I think that our Steelworkers Park idea will be the most beneficial thing for the community. It brings the community a lot of new stuff; it even brings the city a lot of new stuff. When I thought of things that would make the park different from anything else in the state, putting an ultimate Frisbee field in the park came to mind. Not only is the field multipurpose, but an ultimate Frisbee league could be hosted there. That would bring in money and new people to the neighborhood; the next greatest ultimate Frisbee player would have Steelworkers Park to thank for making him who he is.