Having today as the last day to finish up the project is a bit stressful. You never know how much time you actually have left until the last couple of days. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate when I say that it is impressive how much work can get done with some determination and a deadline. Today I had to summarize all my research and analyzing into a couple of slides and explain all the information that contributed to that. I really do feel proud of what I was able to accomplish in these past couple of weeks. Seeing it all come together brings a lot of pride.


Having to analyze everything and making a visual representation for it is much harder than it looks. You want everyone that sees the image to understand it. I’ve herd that from teachers a million times but I never really put the effort to make something where someone, without a single clue of what I was doing, could understand it. I think it was due to the fact that the projects that I have presented were to the class and everyone knew what was happening anyways. Having to figure how to do that these past weeks has definitely been hard. How do you even start? But as my dad always says, “start from the beginning”. Trying to show someone weeks of hard work into a few pictures is super difficult plus it doesn’t give you enough credit. I’m almost positive that the audience will be able to see all the effort we put into this project. I think looking at all the work together opened our eyes to see everything that we have actually done and give ourselves a round of applause.