Today at the smartLuck our guest speaker was Angela Hurlock. We presented to her about the opportunities we found in South Chicago and how to enhance them. What we have come up with is two additions to steel workers park and a river walk addition to the Calumet river. The two additions to the Steel workers park will be an amphitheater and an ultimate frisbee field. The amphitheater will have the opportunity cater to the entertainment events that could take place in south Chicago. For example shakespeare in the park can host there events there already . As for the ultimate frisbee it could bring new attention from people inside and out of South Chicago. Ultimate frisbee could be a great new addition to South Chicago because it is gaining popularity and there are not too many places for it. As for the river walk, since lake side development already will be creating one we thought it would be good if we extended it so more of the community may enjoy, linking South Chicago and the futrure of what is to be lakeside development. An idea we wanted to add was getting sky arts to decorate the walking ground of the path so it can look nice and creative but also get local community organizations involved. These opportunities have the potential to get alot of the community invested by adding fun and purposeful things to do close to home along with attracting people from out side of south Chicago to come and check out what it has to offer.